Host1plus Coupon Promo Code & Review

Why to Choose Host1Plus
Host1Plus is a company based in the UK. The company was founded in 2008. The first time the company has only a single data center, so far after 6 years, the company currently has nine data centers, data centers are located on all continents, in order to bring the best for speed the customer’s website.

List of data centers around the world: Los Angeles (USA), Chicago (USA), London (EU), Amsterdam ( EU), Frankfurt (EU), Singapore ( Asia), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Johnesburg (Africa)

Host1plus Location

Host1plus Location

And Some thing about Host1Plus

1. Support

They have support 24/7 with many support support. A highly-skilled team of IT professionals is always on their duty. Value & Packages Value & Packages

2. Value & Packages

Host1Plus has many packages in share hosting, vps and dedicate server for you to choose.
With the cheap price and has many deal code or coupon promo code, you can buy hosting, vps at the cheaper price.

  • The share hosting – From 0.83 USD / Month
  • The VPS hosting – From 2.5 USD/ month
  • The Cloud Hosting – From 11.32 USD/month
  • The Dedicate Servers – From 34.50 USD/month
  • The Reseller hosting – from $13.70 /month

3. Host1Plus Coupon Promo Code

Get 40% for all share hosting package.
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